Tackling Obesity. Together.

Obesity in America is at epidemic proportions, and tackling the problem requires all of us working together. Dr. Wendy Scinta, a nationally recognized expert on adult and childhood obesity treatment, offers solutions for individuals and families, medical weight loss training for physicians, and branded programs for employers looking to improve their employees’ health. All her programs combine recent research on obesity treatment with her personal experience as a board-certified obesity medicine physician who has worked with hundreds of obese men, women, and children.

BOUNCE® A Weight-Loss Doctor’s Plan for a Happier, Healthier, and Slimmer Child

By Wendy Scinta, M.D., M.S.

In this book, I show you how to work with your child and your family to develop healthy eating patterns and a healthy lifestyle that will yield a lifetime of benefits. This book will empower you and give you the information you need to address your child’s weight issues, both as a family and as a team. With 1 in 3 children struggling with a weight issue and no end in sight, it is time for all of us to take matters into our own hands and turn this childhood obesity epidemic around, for good!