Dr. Wendy Scinta is actively involved in the community. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at SUNY Upstate and co-hosts a radio show with Cora Thomas,  In the Spirit of Healthy Eating, Sundays at 10 am ET on Power 620 AM.

Passionate about empowering families to get healthy, Dr. Wendy has partnered with Knockout Obesity to reduce adult and childhood obesity in New York City. Focusing on one child, one family, and then one community, Wendy’s strategy is key to helping our country reverse the devastation caused by rising obesity rates.

Knockout Obesity was founded by Brooklyn restaurateur Dimitrios Verteouris, who lost 82lbs in three months using boxing, coupled with a lifestyle change in eating habit. Last summer, Knockout Obesity hosted a pilot program at The Boys’ Club of New York, in which Dimitrios engaged young boys with the help of a team of professional boxers. Joining the boxers was Dr. Wendy, who hosted nutrition sessions, often quizzing the kids on fat, carbs, sugar and protein. Famous for her suitcase of fat, she demonstrated the effect of fast food on the body by tossing out a gelatinous Burger King Whopper and Nathan’s hot dog, both weighted according to fat content. (The fat in a whopper from Burger King is about the same size as the thing itself with a “whopping” 50 grams of fat!). With the success of its pilot program, the Knockout Obesity’s boxing and nutrition program is now year round at all three Boys’ Club of New York locations.

The program received a $25,000 donation from World Champ boxer, Paulie Malignaggi. In conjunction with Knockout Obesity, Dr. Wendy Scinta will be visiting local centers and schools to help educate and share the BOUNCE (TM)  program to youth, families, educators and community leaders.

To learn more about Dr. Wendy’s nonprofit program, Dora’s Dream, click here.