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Get back in the game.

You’ve gained weight and can’t seem to shake it. You want to get back into the gym, but joint pain and fatigue are hampering your efforts.  Even your sex drive is taking a hit.

Insulin resistance, low testosterone, and other issues may be impacting your stamina and your weight. But you can’t just Google the solution to your problem. And you need more than willpower.

Weight loss is not a secret, it’s a science. If you’re ready for a new playbook, call Dr. Wendy at 315-445-0003 today.

The good news: your best days are not behind you. Willpower is a great tool, but you need more than that to lose weight and regain your stamina.

You need an expert who can give you a game plan.

Dr. Wendy, a board-certified physician specializing in weight loss management, uses a non-surgical approach to pinpoint and manage the root causes of your excess weight. She has helped men like Bill, a high school teacher and coach, lose weight. Bill led a very busy life, and he had medical problems and was overweight. With a personalized plan from Dr. Wendy, Bill was able to lose 70 pounds.

You too need the help of a trained medical professional who looks beyond the scale to identify all the elements contributing to your weight gain. Dr. Wendy and her medical weight management team will customize a plan for you to lose weight, feel and look better, and keep the excess pounds off.

You don’t have to settle for sitting on the sidelines or being tired all the time. Call Dr. Wendy at 315-445-0003 today or complete the short form to the right. Take the first step and get back in the game!